Excel 2 Application Solution

Transform your Excel CMS into an Application CMS,
that is ready to scale and be modified to your specs.

The Stack

Because we are using X-Framework to accelerate development the stack is GraphQL, React, MongoDB. Everything is type-safe thanks to TypeScript, and the result is a modern, scalable solution for your application.

Relations Built-in

Besides the normal fields: strings, dates, numbers, lists, we also do smart relationship detection for items which reflect data-ranges. Your application will be fully linked from start. Supporting single and multiple type of relationships

Authentication & Data Fixtures

We extract and link data directly from your Excel so you can start using your API right after generation. We also do this for your Users sheet and create the users with their propper roles, ready for you to just code.

Watch the demo

Want your application generated?

Currently, we do this manually, to find out more, reach out to theo[@]kaviarjs.com

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