X-way is using Kaviar's goodies to provide an opinionated application development "way" of doing things. By enforcing database (MongoDB), API layer (GraphQL), Folder Structures & Naming Conventions, so it opens the path to fast prototyping.

Everything starts by installing the command line generator:

npm install -g --save @kaviar/x

Now simply run: x and create your first project by using x:project

The project itself does't do anything, you'll be needing microservices, so once a project is created you will create your microservice by using x:microservice

From then on you will use the documentation to generate things such as:

  • Collections & Models
  • CRUDs with GraphQL
  • Queries, Mutations, Inputs with GraphQL and TypeScript and Valdiation
  • Events, Exceptions, Listeners
  • Data Fixtures

...and others!

Feel free to read about the tools offered by X-Bundle then you can dive into using the generator and quickly create your app.