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fast like a prototype, scalable like enterprise

this project is backed by Cult of Coders

Technology Stack

We are harnessing the power of TypeScript in Node and React. We have included cool stuff like: Dependency Injection, Async Event Management, Built-in Authentication Support and Modular Design.

The X-Framework

Kaviar works with any database or API model, however, we go fast by deciding on a stack. X-Framework is built on top of Kaviar allowing you to work with GraphQL and MongoDB. You benefit of authentication, real time data, cli generation tools and much more.


We want to enable developers to move fast without reinventing the wheel. Our goal is to create an elegant fullstack framework that lets you rapidly develop your products with no compromises.

Start fast with X-Framework

use the generator
npm i -g @kaviar/x

or simply clone it
git clone

Want to start fast from an Excel Spreadsheet?

Find out more

How does it compare?

Full Stack
Live Data
Dependency Injection
GraphQL Support
Async Event Management
Built-in Authentication
MongoDB Support

We're moving fast, want to keep up?

(only the essential updates)